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Teaching related information

Curricular and Instruction Guidelines:

  • Instructors who have yet to submit online the progress and rules of instruction for each course subject (e.g., Teaching plan and syllabus, Chinese and English course description, and Teaching goals) are kindly requested to complete this task before the add/drop period. If several instructors jointly teach a course, please indicate the designated instructor for each week in the progress form. Please request each class to copy and distribute the necessary course materials before class so that students can preview them.

  • If instructors need to arrange field trips for students, they should indicate this in the syllabus and the progress form. The necessary paperwork and procedures (please refer to the Guidelines for Student Field Trips) must be completed at each graduate institute office, department, or administrative office in advance for approval before the field trips can commence.

Roll call:

  • After the add/drop period, each course instructor is kindly requested to review the course register from the university’s online information system to check whether some students are retaking the course or taking it for completion. In addition, instructors are requested to conduct online roll call diligently to foster dedication to learning in students.

Request of absence and rescheduling:

  • When an instructor files a request of absence and the requested dates overlap with his or her sessions, he or she should print the rescheduled date or indicate that a substitution form has been filed. Alternatively, the instructor may state that the course is taught in cooperation with another instructor, provide the name of said instructor, and write that the sessions that week shall be taught by him or her. 

  • If instructors cannot hold classes for a reason, they should complete the rescheduling and make-up session request within 1 week of the sessions in question, and finish the course by the end of the third week.

  • Instructors are kindly requested to complete all course instruction that has not been completed within 2 weeks of the Final Exam period.

  • Instructors are kindly requested to complete filing for a request of absence and book the venue of instruction for the rescheduled sessions before filling the rescheduling form and proceeding with the rescheduling process.

  • Instructors are requested to follow the set schedule of courses as best as they can. If the need exists to reschedule or complete missed instruction, please complete the request of absence procedure online, and then proceed with the online rescheduling procedure. Please do not reschedule upon the request of students, and refrain from rescheduling sessions to lunch break; it is best if rescheduled sessions take place during the day. Please complete all absent sessions within 3 weeks.

  • Instructors are requested to communicate with students regarding the rescheduling of courses, particularly if the course in question is a required course with students who are retaking. Instructors shall make students’ learning privileges a priority. If instructors are compelled to reschedule because of absence on official business or important affairs on campus, the Office of Curricular Affairs would in principle show courtesy to the instructor and the department chair; however, the rescheduling must be communicated with the students.

  • Instructors are asked to state the reasons for the rescheduling clearly (examples of unclear explanations include “business up north” and “business at home”).

  • Research leave may not be grounds for rescheduling requests. Instructors are kindly asked to consult Article 9, Section 1 of the Financial Support Guidelines for Faculty Research Projects and Off-Campus Academic Conference Paper Presentations.


  • Instructors are requested to indicate in the university affairs online system whether their offered courses will have mid-term and final Exams. Those who indicate no exams should state the reasons.

  • Instructors teaching full-time and continuous education courses are requested to provide separate sets of exams.

  • In principle, all exams are closed-book, and calculators are not allowed. If an exam has special formats, such as open-book or calculators permitted, this should be indicated on the exam sheet.

  • Mid-term and final exam questions are to be delivered to the Office of Curricular Affairs by the course instructors 1 week before the exams. The Office shall then send the questions to the Publication Office for printing.

  • Instructors supervising exams ought to be punctual, and are asked to familiarize with the Student Exam Rules. If students cannot attend the exams on time, the Student Exam Rules should be followed to guarantee the rights and privileges of those students.

  • The format of undergraduate mid-term and final exams are in-classroom. If no exams are held during the scheduled exam week, instructors should proceed with course instruction.

  • Exam supervisors should give instructions regarding students’ seating arrangements during the exam session.