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Registration Division

The Registration Division is mainly responsible for managing academic records and grades and amending school and academic-related regulations. We have established clear registration-related regulations and mechanisms to provide the most efficient administration services for faculty members and students. The duties of the Registration Division are as follows:

Academic Records Management: the enrollment of freshmen and transfer students in daytime educational institutions (including 5-year junior colleges, 4-year technical institutes, and master’s programs), the maintenance of student profile data, and the managing of registration-related student affairs.

Student Grade Management: posting and managing transcripts; reviewing grades; and managing dismissals attributable to academic factors, applications for credit transfers, and the qualifications for graduation.

School Regulation and Registration-Related Regulation Amendment: In accordance with the University Act, the Enforcement Rules of the University Act, and the regulations and guidelines announced by the Ministry of Education, we regularly examine and amend registration-related and school regulations to ensure that students know their rights and follow the regulations. We also manage the regulations for 4-year technical institutes and junior colleges, joint and dual degrees, and other registration-related affairs.